Ah, the downside.

Ah, the downside.

I knew there had to be one. I’ve been dropping weight, and while I definitely needed it and there’s still A LOT more to go that needs to be dropped, I’ve found the downside to losing the weight: I literally walk right out of my pants.

I tend to just have two or so pairs of blue jeans at a time that I rotate and wear until they are destroyed and then buy a new pair because I just generally find it ridiculous that clothing is so expensive. So I took my smallest pair and washed and dried them as dry as I could in an attempt to shrink them up, and still they are too loose. “Wear a belt,” you say? Yeah, belt is too big too. I suppose I could punch new holes in it.

I know I could go buy new clothes, but please refer to previous statement: too effing expensive. I’m trying to save my pennies for Xmas gifts and a trip that I’m taking to Vegas for my birthday (not to mention that I just bought myself an early birthday present that pretty handily cleaned me out). So instead I just complain. Because I can.


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