Just noticed

Just noticed

That it has been a long time since I’ve blogged. So much has happened since I last spoke that I don’t really even know where to go or what to say. I could say “Yay, Obama won and Palin lost” (because really I was voting against her more than against McCain or even for Obama specifically, but only because I really do think she would end up president before too long and we’ve already had a complete moron this decade we don’t need another, thanks), but really that drum has been beaten. I could say “Oy vey, the economy,” but that’ll only depress me and pretty much everyone else. Or I could tell you all about how I’m a magnet for the detritus of bad luck and just random and utter shit that the Universe wants to throw at me, but half of you would say “yeah, whatever,” and the other half would realize that I’m probably right and stop hanging out with me for your own protection . . . and I’m already lonely enough as it is!

So I made it both to and from Colorado safely, though barely. It’s a story that is really long and boring and of interest to probably two people in the whole world other than me so I won’t bore others with it. I happily began a new shift and a new position within my department at work when I got back only to not actually get trained in the new position and to have my nice Monday through Friday day shift moved to a Tuesday through Saturday shift two weeks later. That was AWESOME. I just adore my job/boss. And of my own drama, that’s about all I can share. There’s a WHOLE lot of other stuff going on, but I can’t really share it because it’s not mine. I’ve become involved, but it wasn’t mine to begin with so I can’t exactly disseminate it to the interwebz.

So that’s my life. Small wonder I’m not blogging about it, eh? Good times.

Hope everyone else is doing well! I promise I’m not THAT bad! Just the bug this month. Maybe next month I’ll get to be the windshield.


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