Look, I know I talk politics when I shouldn’t. I know I’m smarmy and unapologetically liberal. Here’s a secret: I don’t like either candidate very much. But I have lived abroad and it HURT me (sometimes literally) to have to see other people hate us for the political leaders we have. And YES, by God they do most definitely hate us. Everywhere. If you think they don’t you’ve been lied to.

An American friend of mine who still lives over there posted this article from the Guardian newspaper on her blog, and after having read it I felt the need to do the same here. I should point out for full self-disclosure reasons that the Guardian is considered somewhat leftist, but not overly so. Please please please PLEASE read it. Despite how we think, act, and like to believe, we’re not alone in this world. Yeah, we’ve gotta vote our hearts and minds; but we’ve got to also realize that the world is watching. We might be the biggest bad-asses on the block, but we’re not bigger and badder than the whole effing block.


P.S. I just can’t help it. Apropos of nothing: A totally different friend pointed out in HER blog how tired she is of hearing people bash on the current President for his performance on what must be one of the toughest jobs on the planet. That people don’t want a President, they just want a scapegoat. She may very well be right. It is an insanely tough job and he’s had to make a lot of no-win choices, some of which I probably bag on him for unfairly. For the sake of brevity I won’t get into the reasons why I think I’m right about him . . . it’s not the time or the place. However, I personally will re-iterate that I don’t think either candidate for his replacement is right for this toughest job on the planet.

But I will tell you that despite the many problems I have with President Bush, even HE is more qualified then a self-described hockey mom who has only been drafted into this race because she’s kinda hot and likes guns. You simply can’t forget that McCain is 78 years old and is signing on for a 4 year contract here. That means there’s an excellent chance this woman WILL be president.



President Palin.

“I Wanted to Use Public Funds to Build a Bridge that Goes Nowhere and Now I’m Flat Out Lying About It to Everyone in the World” President Palin.

“My Son is Shipping Out to Iraq AND I Want to be Vice President and I Didn’t Know There Was a Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims” President Palin.


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