An observation.

An observation.

Yes, yes. I read some celebrity gossip websites. And by “some” I mean “one.” What Would Tyler Durden Do? is too amusing to pass up. The author is hilarious and for once doesn’t take himself or his subject matter too seriously.

That’s point one. Point two is that on Monday I got back from Hawai’i. After a six hour flight (of which I am terrified), a seven hour delay (which upset me greatly), and a loss of three hours to time change (which just generally sucks), I wasn’t really in a position to enjoy much in the world. That did not stop me from going to see The Dark Knight, however. Since then many people have asked me what I thought. I’ve not known what to say. I was exhausted. The movie was interminable. And the knowledge that I was watching the last thing one of my favourite actors would ever do was incredibly depressing to me (not the least of which because he was 28 when he died from irresponsible use of perfectly legal drugs, which is scary to any 28 year old who is on a lot of perfectly legal drugs from various doctors).

ANYWAY. The point to all this is this link, wherein the author sums up his thoughts about Mr. Ledger’s performance quite succinctly and in a minimum of words.

After having read this short article, I no longer am on the fence about the movie. It was FUCKING AWESOME and I want to go punch some of the no-talent ass-clowns that Hollywood calls actors in the face.

Just sharing.


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