Holy crapmonkies! SlingBox is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. Picked one up off of Woot a couple of weeks ago and just got around to hooking it up in time for me to go to Hawaii. For those not familiar, basically I hook it up to my Blooka (aka, TiVo) and it allows me to remotely access it (including saved shows) via my lappy from anywhere on the interwebz. Of course with my luck there’s a gaping security hole and I’m gonna get hacked or something just by announcing this, but whatevs. It’s too cool to pass up! I can be watching my Burn Notices, L&O: CIs, and My Boyses all from the beach or what have you!

Sad, I know, that I’m excited about watching telly in paradise, but do you really expect any less from me?!


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