Gots me my iPhone 3G. Yes it involved me getting up at 6am and standing in line for in excess of an hour and a half for the AT&T store to open so that I could be lucky Number 13 to get my grubby little paws on one. Of course this did me little good since it wasn’t until about noon that I could make the Apple servers active the damned thing, but at least I had one. Apparently the early-to-rise attitude was absolutely worth it since at about 8:30 pm when I went past the Apple store at a different mall there were literally dozens of bored-yet-desperate looking entirely-too-hip-for-their-own-good Mac people standing in line hoping that the store wouldn’t run out of units. I laughed at them (yes, literally. And yes, I am going to hell) as I sauntered into the store to buy a new hard plastic case for my new acquisition in hopes that I don’t break this one as easily as I damaged it’s predecessor. Ash is very hard on his technology. Because Ash is an overgrown child. Who apparently talks in the third person.

The holdup in getting a working phone caused very little to get done today (after the thing finally activated, of course it took for damned EVER to sync, etc), so I’ve now got to run several errands tomorrow AND pack AND get my living room ready to be torn apart while I’m out of town (oh yeah, my ceiling is getting replaced due to a crack in the drywall. Takes four days so they’re doing it while I’m out of town rather than have to live through THAT nightmare. Risky, I know, but seriously . . . what do I REALLY have worth stealing besides a TV and a PS3?). So the long and short of it is that I should really stop rambling/messing around with the iPhone and just go to bed.

Fine. Be that way.

But I will give some real first impressions of the 3G tomorrow when I’ve had a chance to play with all the new features . . .



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