RIP Sirius Rhodes

RIP Sirius Rhodes

About three quarters of the way through my freshman year, I decided that I did not like the University of Redlands enough that I would be returning the next year. As such, I applied for (and got accepted very late to) the University of Arizona. The late nature of said acceptance meant that I would have to find accomodations with friends from high school rather than in the dorms. This was a good thing, because I was then able to do something I had always wanted: get a dog. That summer, nine years ago now pretty much to the day, I went to the local pound a picked up a pound puppy. I named him Sirius which meant “Companion” and was the name of Orion’s dog in Greek Myth.

The people at the pound and the vet that I took him to later all said that Sirius would not get too large. They were all wrong. He grew up to be roughly the size of a small horse. And ironically enough it was because of the mistreatment of Sirius by my roommates that lead me to leave that first house in Tucson and get my own apartment. Later, when I moved to Scotland, I was forced to leave him behind and so he went to live with my parents and his soon-to-be best friend/worst enemy Tahoe Rhodes. By the time I got back, Sirius had melded with that part of the family and I couldn’t bring myself to part him from them and so he and I never lived together properly again.

Two days ago my Mom called me to tell me that he had been diagnosed by the vets with cancerous pollups on many of his internal organs (spleen, liver, and bladder). One or two of these could be handled with surgery, but the bladder pretty much cinched it. Today my Mom, Dad, and I all went together to the vet and stayed with him as he was sent on his Final Journey. He was almost exactly 9 years old.

I know that to many this is a ridiculously long post about a canine that may technically not have even been mine and which many of you may not have know I even had any more. Those people have not raised a dog since puppyhood.

I am completely and utterly heartbroken.

And no small amount drunk. Seemed the right thing to do. Just saying.


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