Days . . .

Days . . .

40 more until I am winging my way with my family to Hawai’i. I’ve not been since I was about 4 years old. I don’t remember much except that I had the chicken pox while I was there. True story.

14 more until I’ll be winging my way BACK from CO. Not something I look forward to. Have I mentioned that I don’t much like flying? Like at all? Over a million moving or electric parts in an airplane. My toaster doesn’t make toast correctly on a regular basis. Why do I trust a plane again?

12 more until I dress up myself up as some sort of anachronistic peacock of a fop and along with Michael Turney unleash Archibald Bigglesworth, Duke of Paddington (“Archie”) and his cousin Reggie on the Colorado Renaissance Festival. They have NO idea what they’re in for.

7 more until I see my one of my oldest and closest friends. I’ve not seen Meggan since January and in the interim she went and got herself pregnant. I’ve always wondered what she would really be like in this state, and now I get to find out! During this time I might also get to see my other friend Kristan who, rumour has it, might be Stateside right now. Holy crap, it’s an orgy of reacquaintance!

6 more until I face one of my biggest fears. I’ve had reoccurring nightmares involving driving through the New Mexican desert and getting in a fatal car accident since I was about 15. In those dreams I’ve ALWAYS been 28. For the first time since turning 28, I’ll be driving through New Mexico. This is also the first time I’ve admitted this at all publicly. But hey, one has to face one’s fears . . . and if you’re not up front about it, what’s the point?

And finally, 5 more until my 10 year high school reunion! I’ll be attending with an old (and yes, male) friend of mine as a date. Since I was on the swim team and in drama, there was a stubborn rumour all through my very Mormon high school career that I was gay. Well, why not give them a bit of a shock now. Samme went to Mountain View but was a year behind. He always hung out with us though and is a dear friend so why not bring him? We’re also going with my cousin and his wife. We might even get a limo so we can all get nice and sloshed!

And that’s about me. Just thought I’d give a few things that I’m looking forward to in the coming weeks! Everyone wish me luck . . .


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