Hi ho, hi ho.

Hi ho, hi ho.

So after almost three full weeks of being off work, I’m finally headed back in. It would be nice to know what exactly was wrong with me, but the doc himself isn’t entirely certain so I’ll just have to adopt the same confident tone that he had and rattle off a suitably long series of medical words. Hey, if it works for doctors, lawyers, politicians, and archaeologists then it can work for me!

I AM pretty nervous about going in though. I’m a bit terrified of hitting the floor and then, well, hitting the floor. That I won’t be able to make it through a full ten hours of talking non-stop. Because lets face it, I’ve reached the point where I can (usually) carry on a normal conversation, but how many conversations do YOU have that last that long? And sure, there are pauses while on the phone, but you’d all be VERY surprised at how those don’t seem to add up to much when all you really want to do is have a moment to cough up a lung!

Who knows where this journey is going to end up that I’ve started myself down. Maybe if I can survive until after July then I can try and get my old job back. That would be pretty sweet! I just can’t exactly say “Hey, can I be a sup? Yeah, I’ll be gone for 12 days over the next two months, but that won’t be a problem will it? Oh, it will? Well tough, let me be a sup anyway.”

Babbling. Gotta get ready. Meh.


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