An observation on Indy

An observation on Indy

So my Blooka (aka, TiVo) goes back to live TV if I leave it alone too long, and it did that about 45 minutes ago when I “ran” into my den to respond to an email “really quick” and has been playing the Sci-Fi Channel’s production of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

I have a really quick thought on Indiana Jones: He owes me several thousand dollars.

It was because of him and his adventures and his way with women and his bull whip and his damned fedora that I accepted my offer to the archaeology programme at the University of Glasgow rather than sticking to my guns and saying “No, you bumbling half-wits! I applied for History, you lost my application TWICE, now get it right and let me in the programme I want THIS FUCKING YEAR!!!” (thus of course incurring even MORE student loan debt than I would have had in the first place).

Instead I said “Well, Indiana Jones seems to have a good time. Archaeology must be pretty cool. When’s my first whip class?”

Well it’s not cool, my friends. I can assure you it most definitely is not.

And there isn’t even a whip class!


P.S. Upon reflection, the bit about the whip class sounds dirty. Just, you know, saying.

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