I have never felt more like I was a mouse stuck in a wheel then I did today at work. NOT NOT NOT because of anything they did. Not at all. But because of circumstances beyond all control.

I went in today to do my normal shift and it became pretty blatantly obvious after the first three or four calls that I was just NOT well yet. I was steadily putting customers on mute more and more for lung-deep coughs. Eventually my sup told me to face facts that I couldn’t get it done, so instead I worked on another project. It was a little thing that was REALLY interesting and which I REALLY can’t talk about, but suffice to say it was challenging and mentally stimulating and I loved it . . . and it took about 2, 2.5 hours. Out of a 10 hour shift. So I did it again. And again after that.

All of this is because I’m out of sick time and can’t afford to get written up for leaving early/missing more time (which will null my chances for movement within the company). In short, they were awesome and took great care of me today, but at the same time, I have NO IDEA what to do because I’m STILL not well and am still probably not going to be able to take calls tomorrow! At Mom’s suggestion I’ll be going in armed with my inhaler and throat lozenges (she refuses to acknowledge that the cough does not originate in my throat) and I’m gonna see what I can do, and who knows. Maybe the Goddess of tiny Coughs will bless me, instead of her much more . . . endowed . . . older sister.

Here’s hopin’.


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