Stumble and Pandora . . .

Stumble and Pandora . . .

Everyone who I work with is gonna make fun of me, but I had never once used either of these two services until last night.

Wow is all I’ve gotta say.

Stumble Upon is basically a plug in for FireFox which was designed to make sure that you never get any work done ever again. It is, for lack of better explanation on my part, an incredibly smart random-page-puller-upper. You check a bunch of boxes of things you’re interested in the first time you connect and after that it learns more and more about you based on what you bookmark and shows you things you like more and more. It eats your brain.

Pandora just makes sure you’re going to be playing your favourite music while you’re not doing any work ever again. You put in your fav bands/songs/genre and it creates a music station based on your preferences. Thus far I’ve discovered at least a half dozen songs by my favourite artists that I had no idea I was missing.

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that GD has neither speakers nor a very forgiving browsing policy.


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