A lot and nothing, but primarily a chest cough.

A lot and nothing, but primarily a chest cough.

So when I was a kid, so yes like two decades ago, I remember absolutely insisting that I had asthma. My little sister had just gotten diagnosed with a minor case and Mom figured that I was just looking for attention (which was probably a fair assumption). Nonetheless, both she and my pediatrician said that I did not, but as time went on, things would happen where I KNEW they were wrong. I would push myself too hard and could feel it deep in my chest. A wheeze would develop that would develop into a cough that would take weeks to months to fully get rid of. Upon reflection, I’m not sure I was ever actually given an inhaler by a doctor. I’m pretty sure Kristan from Faire just gave me one of her old Ventolin inhalers which after, you know, 10 years or so, I’ve managed to lose.

Well on Sunday I pushed myself to hard exercising and “Shattered my health” (what I used to call pushing too hard). I went to work through the cough on Monday but by Monday night was feeling it and on Tuesday could barely speak. This morning a doctor would finally see me. He confirmed that I did have some very long condition (with the words “respiratory” and “distress” and “syndrome” in it) and gave me a prescription for an inhaler and TWO kinds of broad-spectrum antibiotics for the upper-respiratory infection and/or bronchial infection that I managed to pick up between Sunday and now.

So THAT’S fun times.

And during these days off while I should have been spending almost all time in bed, I’ve actually been spending it (silently . . . well, without speaking. Definitely couldn’t call “hacking up a lung” silent) STILL doing tech support, but this time for SSC! I’ve transitioned their mail system away from readyhost (booo) over to gmail (yaaay) and actually as a result ALSO had to switch their hosting away from readyhost as well (booo) and put them on a hosting account that I have with successful hosting (yaaaay. You were expecting GD? I would, but the site uses both php and asp and GD doesn’t offer that). So the end result is that I’ve spent a lot of times setting up all sorts of copies of Outlook for various people. Oh, and switching out a harddrive of a TiVo Series 2. Lots easier than I thought it would be!

So you see, a lot and yet still nothing at all except the chest cough. I’ve got another application in at work and am awaiting to hear if I got an interview. I hope they’re not getting put off that I’ve a) applied for three things in the space of about 5 weeks or b) been out sick a lot. That’s why we have sick days and all, but it’s still nerve wracking!

Well, I’m falling asleep, and small wonder considering the time! Hope everyone is well!


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