Well, that’s us done. What a ride! I won’t get into the nitty gritty or anything, but suffice to say it was a REALLY REALLY amazing experience. One that I genuinely feel blessed to have gotten to share.

We ended the night/marathon with “All’s Well that Ends Well,” and then one of our Board Members, Judi Missel, brought out some Martinelli’s (it was a public, non-licensed place, so no real bubbly). We all raised a toast and Kaitlin O’Neil, easily one of the single most talented women I’ve ever met in my life, read a bastardized — perfect — joining of two of Shakespeare’s plays. It began with Prospero’s Farewell from “The Tempest” and ended with Puck’s Epilogue from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Without a single ounce of shame I admit that tears were freely flowing down my cheeks and I was by no means the only one. It was truly the perfect end to the experience.

I wish that I could convey the feelings that I’ve been having, working with these fine people. It’s been a LOOONNNGGG time since I’ve gotten to take part in any theatre, and the last time I really did any at all was a pretty poor experience (my fellow actors and I did not get along). The best I can say is that despite being “The Boss’ Son,” I felt like I was taken in and made to belong. Like I was part of something so much greater than myself.

I know this isn’t an unusual feeling to many out there, but I usual work in such solitary things. First my degree then at GD, there simply isn’t that sense of coming together like this (GD would LOVE IT if there was, but in a corporate environment of almost 2000, it’s just not possible), and I wish so much I had time and opportunity to continue on. If only I didn’t have these financial responsibilities, I could really see myself going and taking some acting classes, pursuing that as a career for a while, if only for the people with whom I could work every day. I only hope they know how lucky they all are!

**sniff!!!** And on that overly-sentimental note, I’ll leave you. It should be noted that again I’ve gone WAAAYYYY too long without sleep so such ramblings should not be held against me! Some time soon I hope to have pictures linked-to or displayed-on this page, but I must needs get permission of those in the pictures to post them first. In the mean time, if I’ve already given you the username and password, please enjoy the pictures of!

” . . . Give me your hands, if we be friends . . .”

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