’bout half way done . . .

’bout half way done . . .

And the Shakespeare Marathon has been pretty AWESOME so far!! I must say that I’ve found myself doing a WHOLE lot more plays than I thought I’d be doing, and I know I’m not alone. My Mom found herself reading a part in “The Tempest” yesterday, random passer-bys have been pressed into reading, and Alanta, who came into this with plans to read only a minor part in a REALLY obscure play, has been reading A LOT, including the part of Ophelia in “Hamlet.”

For those that care, what I’m incredibly excited about (and would love for people to come watch) is a chance coming up on Monday at 3pm (I know, awkward timing) to read the part of Demetrius in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Many of you know that it’s my MOST favouritest play EVAR and so I was thrilled when I found out there was still a hole in the parts waiting to be filled. Yeah, Demetrius is a bit of a douche, but whatev. Speaking of which, yesterday I also played the part of Proteus in “The Two Gentlemen of Verona,” so I think I’m just kinda going for a theme these days. Amusingly enough, Alanta read for Julia in that play. We were fine with it, but talk about having the potential for cringe-worthiness!

So, yeah. Madness! I finally got some sleep last night after having been awake for about 48 hours straight (well, I napped for two sets of about 1.5 hours), and I feel great. I think I’m gonna seize the chance to watch Supernatural before heading back to Tempe Marketplace to lend moral support (and probably read some more). Once again, HEAD ON DOWN!! We love having people just show up.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, to those of you who HAVE just dropped by . . . you guys are AMAZING. You keep coming when I’ve got teeny parts and so I of course flub them, but I really appreciate you making the journey! 😀

Talk to you soon!


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