Always with the bad . . .

It is an unhealthy time to be female and my friend. The two women who are closest to me in life and are quite possibly my closest friends (all baring family/girlfriend) are rather ill.

One, Carrie, found a lump in her left breast several weeks ago. She’s been poked and proded and it was determined that the lump(s) are probably not cancerous, but could certainly become so, and so therefore must be removed. Said lumps were removed on Friday, one of which is eloquently described as being the size of a golf ball. Needless to say, Carrie, in her indominable spirit, jokes that her beautiful cleavage is now unbalanced, all thanks to “Lefty.” Alas, the final word on the lumps’ nature (whether cancerous or not) will not come for several days, and so I shall be concerned until then. Nonetheless she is doing well, so I must be thankful for that!

But then comes my other friend. My dear dear one-time girlfriend and forever companion/manual-transmission-driving-teacher, Meggan. Meg has always had health problems of various natures, so I’m sure she didn’t think much of it when a few weeks ago she started to get horrid headaches daily. She eventually made an MRI apt but almost didn’t keep it as she was feeling so much better. She went anyway and was promptly rushed to the ER where it was revealed that she is bleeding in her brain. There is apparently a blood pool the size of a quarter in her head. The doctors are optimistic and say it is not life-threatening (or so she claims . . . she would totally lie to me to stop me worrying), but still I’m panicing more than I can say.

So I say to you all, especially those of you who lack a Y chromosome, PLEASE be careful out there! I’m rather attached to most of you and tend to get a little crazy when those I love are ill with no way for me to help them!

And please, spare a thought/prayer for my two dear girlies. The world would definitely be a dimmer place without either of them.


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