I’ve got three things that I’m “ARRRRRGH!!!”ing in frustration over.

1) Spam bots found this site and I’ve been getting an average of about a dozen spam comments a day. As such, I’ve had to resort to putting a validation field into the comments. It’ll ask you a simple mathematical question, and you have to get it right (the irony is not lost on me. My math skillz are a bit lacking, yo). Just a warning.

2) Last night was the “Midwinter Night’s Dream” Charity Gala event for Southwest Shakespeare Company and NEVER have I seen such a large group of cheapskates. Apparently nobody in Mesa knows that charity auctions are not when you’re supposed to be looking for a deal, it’s when you’re supposed to buy things so that these non-profits can stay above water! One EXTREMELY rich woman actually looked at the Live Auction items (the really swank stuff) and said “Well I’m not going to bid on these, I don’t even know what they’re worth!” ARRRRRGH! It doesn’t freakin’ MATTER! You’ve got more money than God! BUY SOMETHING!!!!

And 3) I came home from said auction last night and went through my mail and found an envelope marked “DO NOT DISCARD.” I opened it since I was expecting a replacement credit card and that’s how I’ve seen them marked before, and sure enough there was a card. But the writing was a bit . . . off. It was a free gift card (again, not something I’m unfamiliar with as GD has a similar system). Upon reading it however and looking closely at said card, on the back was a “logo” where the MC or VISA should go which said “MOCK” all nice and fancylike. Upon FURTHER investigation, I realized that the magnetic stripe was actually just a darker coloured bit of plastic! The front of the letter said nothing useful and gave only a phone number to call “to get more information”. On the BACK, however, in tiny little letters it said “Gift card is reward for polling information that you provide after you consolidate your student loans with xxxxx company.” ARRRRGH! Why oh why oh why are companies allowed to try and trick people into changing who runs their student loans/mortgages/domain names/you name it?!? Shouldn’t this be illegal?

And as a final parting shot, WTF is with McCain? I know everyone has already talked about it, but I’m horrified. I almost considered voting for this walking pile of stupid. Way to totally and completely alienate an entire constituency (that you were doing SO WELL with!) just to get the vote of the right-wing wackos.

What a dumbass.

That is all. I’ll be blogging more now assuming that math thingy works. I haven’t been because I didn’t want to deal with the influx of spam . . .

Take care everyone,


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