It’s been . . . a week.

In browsing around tonight waiting for TicketBastard to stop not working so that I could buy Flogging Molly tickets for pretty much everyone I know, I realized that it had been a week or so since I posted and that I should probably fix that.

So a few things. First, great big congrats are due to my brother, Spencer who, it turns out, really is pretty smart. It seems he has been ranked third in his class thus far in the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law. This pretty soundly prods buttock, and I’m extremely proud of him!

In other news I have started the job referenced the in the previous post. Thus far it is pretty cool and I dig it. It’s nice to be off the phones for at least part of the day (I still have to take over for reps pretty regularly), and I really REALLY love answering questions and helping people out, so that also rocks. I’ve yet to get a paycheck of course, but needless to say the increase that will exist there will ALSO rock.

And finally, I am apparently allowed to reveal that last night I became a member of an ancient organization which my father and both of my biological grandfathers were members, one of which enjoyed a position of great accord. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, last night I became an Entered Apprentice in the grand tradition of Freemasonry. I joined the Lodge that my father belongs to and which my grandfather, Dee, once belonged. Of course I cannot give any details about my experience, but suffice to say it was one that I won’t soon forget, and I am anxious to learn more whenever my incredibly limiting schedule will allow!

And THAT is just about me. I’ve got a potentially LONG day tomorrow, so I shall bid you all adieu.

Good night, good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.


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