in Exes


Today, my lovely lady friend turns 25. Apparently she was born during the worst cold snap in a decade, and so it is probably her fault that all of us have been taking pictures of SNOW IN THE DESERT all day!

Oh, and in celebration of her birthday, I will no longer be referring to her merely as A_____ but instead by her full name, Alanta. This should not have been THAT hard for you geniuses to figure out however, as I have a link to her website below!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and I’ll write again soon . . . more than likely after Wednesday when I find out if I managed to get that job at GD!



  1. Thanks baby, and glad I’m no longer just an “A” and a line anymore….
    = )
    rain…hail…and snow…. yeppers, all becaue of sweet little me….. lol….
    You’ve made this a wonderful day, Thanks!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday Alanta!!

    Glad you’ve brightened a certain person’s life. Oh, and as for the rain, hail and snow. It only started raining/hailing/snowing on Sunday all the way in East Anglia (England)on the 21st. Your effect is global!


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