Been a while . . . Sorry . . .

. . . but not REALLY. I’ve been busy! Things are just crazy around here and so blogging sometimes falls by the wayside.

So last week Bowlesie and his woman Claire came down to visit from Glasgow by way of Colorado. It was great having them here and even better not having to be at work for those three days! Of course what would a visit be from anyone without a certain amount of drama? In this case it was all sorts of issues with their flights both to and from, but they got solved in the end and that’s all that really matters. We did all sorts of fun things and I didn’t even get THAT drunk as I had to be the DD the entire trip. While that sounds sad, watching Chris and Claire with their respective hangovers on Wednesday morning made it REALLY OK by me!

In other news, I’ve applied for a new position within GodDamnit. It would carry with it many many good things: I would be off the phones (taking over only for really troublesome callers), I would get a small raise, and I would be able to do as much OT as I want (and the job pretty much requires 50 hour work weeks anyway). So in short I REALLY hope that I get it. Getting off these phones would do wonders for my mental wellbeing! Unfortunately I have NO idea when/if I even get an interview so who knows when the lucky winner will be decided?

The final bit of news is that I’ve slowly started shopping around with mortgage lenders. As a REALTOR the first thing I learned was to talk to a mortgage broker EARLY. They’d be able to tell me where I really was, where I needed to be, and what I could possibly get from the banks. I’m not really looking to be into a place until later in the year (I want to put down as much money as possible, to lower my monthly payment), but I’m terribly excited and anxious to reach the point where I can start looking at condos/townhomes!

In the mean time, I hope everyone out there is well. I’ve got loads of stuff to do today, so I really must bid you adieu!

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