Let’s chat.

Let’s talk about Vegas, shall we?

So I had to work Friday night. It sucked all around. It was a REALLY bad night money-wise and I was not happy. But I headed home asap and of course could not sleep (which is pretty normal for me the night before a trip). We got up and the airport was its normal awful self. The flight was more-or-less uneventful and I didn’t freak out too much — which is ALWAYS welcome, especially to those who I am travelling with.

We hit Vegas and immediately made our way to Caesar’s where we managed to get into our rooms despite it being only about 9:30 am. We then discovered that not even Margaritaville was open for lunch that early so started losing money at some crappy fake-Irish bar/casino across the street.

You know what? This is gonna take forever. Let me just break down the highlights: Vegas ROCKS. I saw all sorts of beautiful sights in those casinos. Their attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. That first day we walked a lot and ducked into places like Bellagio, MGM-Grand, NYNY, etc. We then managed to meet up with Carrie and Ruth who were in town because Ruth is shipping out soon to Italy where she’ll be stationed for who-knows-how-long. To be perfectly honest, they made the trip. They allowed me to get all drunk and stupid, and they allowed my parents to let me get drunk and stupid because it’s all a lot more OK when you’re accompanied by two beautiful women. The highlight of Saturday came at the end when the two girls and I went down to Freemont Street and BOTH of them won pretty big on nickle slots. Ruth won a total of about $180 and Carrie won $40 or so, both on a Monopoly themed slot.

The next day the girls had to leave for home, so it was just Mom, Dad, and me. We walked some more and went to Wynn, where I actually decided to play the same Monopoly-themed game the girls did. I sat down, fed the machine a 20, and promptly got to play the video-monopoly part. And play I did. For a while. A LONG while. I didn’t even occur to me that I was doing particularly well until a woman started staring at me.

So turns out I ended up winning a bit. Like $450. On a nickle slot machine. It was awesome.

Over the rest of the day I actually hit it semi-big twice more. Once for $250 and a final one for $50. In all I pulled about $750, not counting the many times that I came out even or a few bucks ahead. It was, in short, a VERY lucky time for me in that ol’ City of Sin.

That’s about it as far as adventure goes. We went and saw a VERY abbreviated (and thus very disappointing) performance of Phantom of the Opera. The casting was great and the effects were wonderful, but a 3 hour play simply CANNOT be performed in 1:45. It just can’t.

So, to see all the pics, you just need to go to wsfits.com/vegas06.html to see the whole grand adventure in picture form.  Not really of course, because unlike Ruth, I didn’t bring my nice camera, so was stuck with my uber-crappy old cybershot which just isn’t as much fun!  Nonetheless, there are a few nice snaps so enjoy.

Take care everyone.  It’s now just after midnight on what is now Christmas Day.  It’s not really my thing, but I still feel like I should be in bed by now!



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