A little less conversation, a little more action please . . .

My birthday is coming up this Sunday. Yes yes, I will be getting one year closer to the dreaded 30 (but atleast I’m not there yet, *ahem* Chris *ahem*).  This in itself is not really news, as everyone has at least one birthday a year!

What IS exciting is that all my friends more or less suck.  Spenceis going out of town this weekend, as is Bowman.  Even A_____ will beunavailable for the lion’s share of the weekend for various things. Seeing as how everyone will be ditching me on the occassion of mybirthday, my parents decided that they would give me one hell of anearly birthday present so . . .

We’re goin to VEGAS!!!

I’ve only ever been once, and that was when I was 17 and was thereto watch my friends Spam and Mandy get married.  We were in the town ofLas Vegas for less than 5 hours and I was obviously way too young to doanything fun!  Seeing as how that virtually amounts to a lack ofnecessary education, we all got online yesterday and booked flights andhotel reservations at Caesar’s Palace (really, you know me.  Would Istay anywhere other than there or Excalibur?!?) and further ALSO gottickets to go see The Phantom of the Opera!

Now this would all be MUCH more fun if I could bring along a friendor two and not go with my parents, but really they’re a LOT of fun(they’re paying, aren’t they?) and I’m certain a fun time will be hadby all.  Plus I can always sneak out at night to go find the strippers. . .
And in other news, I just got an email from one Miss Claire McFallasking when would be best for her and her beau, Dr. Chris Bowles, tocome down to Arizona and visit!  I had been thinking that they weren’tgoing to make it, but this is a most welcome surprise!  So yay.

I’ve blathered enough.  I’ve got to go do a photoshoot for a youngman named Erik who will be appearing as Mercutio in SSC’s production of“Romeo and Juliet” so I really must at least get my camera out and getit all warmed up!  Hope everyone is doing well and PLEASE leave acomment and let me know what I absolutely cannot miss in the City ofSin!

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