Holy crapmonkies!

So I meant to write this post earlier this week, but I’ve been genuinely busy ALL week and so haven’t managed to find the time (apparently the folks at GD have figured out that when someone tries to access a page called “wp-login.php” that it’s for non-work related stuff, so I’ve not been able to post from work as I thought I would be able to).

So on Tuesday I got a text from A______.  She told me that she had had a blonde moment and sent a package for me to her parents’ house, and could I PLEASE go pick it up?  I figured this meant I was getting all sorts of Faire goodies, so of course I made the effort to drop by on my way home from work that night.  I knock on the door and her sisters answer.  I’m pretty good friends with the both of them, so we chat for a bit, and they say “Oh!  That package, yeah it’s in my room.  Come on.”  So I follow them back and open the door . . .

. . . and there is a young blonde woman sitting at the computer with her back to me.  She’s wearing a pink shirt JUST like A_____’s and I just stared, because I knew — KNEW –  that it just couldn’t be her.  She was at the LA faire and couldn’t possibly be home . . .

. . . but I was wrong.  She was totally home early.  She had planned months ago to surprise me, and surprise me she did!

So that was a lovely surprise, which is saying something because most people know that I REALLY don’t much like surprises.  Mostly because I don’t know how to react and generally just blush really badly . . . which I have been reminded multiple times since Tuesday is exactly what I did.  But still.  It’s nice having a girlfriend back in the same town you live in.  The whole long distance thing really doesn’t much work for me and so it’s a great thing that it’s over, even just a little bit early!

In other news, I had a FANTASTIC two weeks at work.  Thanks to two very well sized lap sales I finished in the top bonus tier, so my bonus check next Wednesday will be of a fantastic size.  Further, my team has won at least second place (we should have won first but were robbed in a few ways) in a shopping spree contest.  Alas I will not be allowed to participate as I was disqualified for missing several days due to illness (which blows), but at least they all will have lots of fun!

I also am thrilled that I am in the advance stages of attaining a new character/costume for the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  I’m going to be the Court Astrologer.  I don’t know yet if he’ll just be bombastic and irritating or just completely inept, but either way much fun will be had.  The fabric and patterns have all been obtained (and not very cheaply) for the costume and are currently being assembled by the ever-talented Smashley, and will probably be completely finished by the new year.  All I need now are some accessories (a book on a chain, a hat, some mystical crap) and a new pair of shoes/boots (my old ones are truly torturous) and I’ll be all set!

And that’s about all I know.  I’m still loving WSFITS though I’ve discovered that the theme I’ve chosen DEFINITELY works best at a certain screen size (1024 x 768) but it’s still good times.

Hope you’re all well and I’ll talk to you soon!

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  1. I’m glad you liked the surprise my love. It was hard to keep it a surprise but I think it was definitely worth it…. I love you so very much and am glad to be back with you too.

    I am also looking very much forward to seeing your new character for ARF this season as I think he’ll be very fun to play with… mwahhaha… I mean hee hee, ladeda….. ; } and you’ll look spectabulous love.


    = )


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