Golly Gee Whiz . . .

I’m writing my first post in my new WordPress Blog. My goal really is to make it so that I will no longer need to make use of my LiveJournal. Yes, this will mean that my friends will no longer be able to find me via their friends’ list, but at least it means that my styles are growing and changing . . . so there!

A note about the new name:

You see, I’ve always been a great big fan of history. Duh. Well, there is a movie coming out in a few months called 300 starring “Phantom” star Gerard Butler. It is the story of the 300 Spartan soldiers who held the pass of Thermopylae against as many as 200,000 Persians. Very famously, it was supposedly remarked to one of the Spartan soldiers that the Persian arrows will “block out the sun” to which he replied “So much the better, we shall fight in the shade.” (source).

I find this kind of mindset truly remarkable, and so as I am wont to do these days, I immediately went and registered a domain name to reflect it (I DO work for a domain registrar after all). What better title for a journal, anyway?

So that’s about me. I’m up MUCH later than I had planned on being, so I should really head get so shut eye. I was up very late last night watching the rest of season one of “How I Met Your Mother” (awwwww. It’s SO sweet . . . and I’d be a LOT more upset about Marshall/Lily if Smash hadn’t already told me they’ve already gotten back together . . . wow, I really am a girl).

One of the bonuses of this system is the ability to leave comments. So leave comments. Let me know if this is a good thing or not.


  1. I was just dying to try out the comment section. Coolies. It seems to even work! Woot.

    I can’t believe I just said “woot.”

    I am such a dork.



  2. you know honey, you can watch every little bit of season two as of last monday on youtube for free, if you email me i’ll give you the username of the person who posts the shows, and they always have the brand new show up by 10pm monday night, which is awesome for me (it means i don’t have to plan around 7pm on mondays to get my weekly mark/lily fix)

    boo to having your life dictated by the television!


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