A REAL test post for LiveJournal.

Hey everybody! This is being created in my new WSFITS blog. If I got this hack right, it should also be appearing whole on LiveJournal. Please don’t leave comments there as I might not get them. If you MUST comment, just follow the link and say somethin’ on my actual page!

Thanks everyone and I hope you’re having a great Sunday. I know I am! Just got back from Ruth’s Chris where we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday! It’s unreal! I can’t believe how young he looks and acts all things considering. He DID raise Amy and me after all, so that’s bound to make just about anyone old before their time!

Take care everyone.


  1. There is something really F*ed up going on with my friends page. Your style stuff is taking over my entire friends page. I honestly think it would be easier if you just offered people a RSS feed and let people add it in LJ if they wanted. Ya know?


  2. Dude, can you just find a place, one SINGLE place to settle down for a while? You know, nice picket fence, 2.5 soccer ball magents and a neighbor who wears his wife-beater tee-shirt tucked into his tighty whitey’s? Now I shall go and add this link to my bookmarks. Thinking of creating an Ash folder where I collect links to all the blog links out there all the while humming the theme tune to Highlander…there can be only one!
    Sorry mate, drinking whisky. Talk to you soon, I hope.


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