Damn you Holly!

When issued a challenge, I cannot refuse. This is well known, hence why I am so mad at Holly for making me reveal “Six Random Things About Me You Might Not Know.”

1. I am double-jointed in each of my thumbs, though I do not do gross things with them anymore as a) they freak other people out (which is actually usually a bonus); b) it makes my hands hurt sometimes; and c) I’m deathly afraid of the arthritis which already runs in my family and which I have a starter case of (and I don’t know if it contributes but I’m not willing to find out).

2. I went through a phase where I made all my closest friends pick a rock/stone and give it to me, so I’d have something physical to remember them by a la “With Honors.” I stopped however when I couldn’t keep some of the rocks straight and I figured it would be too crass to label them. I still have those stones however.

3. I absolutely CAN/WILLNOT drink most alcoholic beverages including: beer of any sort, whiskey, tequila, bourbon, etc. Ironic however considering I adore “girly drinks” and VODKA.

4. My maternal grandfather killed himself when I was 10 because he was afraid of a very treatable disease. As a result I have a deep and abiding disgust for suicide. Kurt Cobain is/was a fucking loser.

5. I think I have pseudo-OCD. It doesn’t manifest often, but when it does I will clean my entire domicile for hours upon hours and get remarkably upset when someone messes it up. Other times I’m messy, but can never quite cross over into slob-dom.

6. I have never ever seen a live production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” that I haven’t loved. Like to the point where I want the actors to come back on stage and do it again.

There you have it. Now is when I “tag” six others. You must share my pain! Bwa ha ha ha ha! 😀

So step right up Katie, Meggan, Leigh, Marie, “lovipug” (LOVE that name!), and Spencer (in his own blog . . . and because I really needed a guy in this list)



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