Bored bored bored bored bored

I hate it when I can’t get to sleep. Especially when the weekend is coming up and I am sans book. Weekend = need to not watch every episode/movie that I own in preparation for later boredom, and of course lack of book means nothing to read. I used to blog A LOT in such situations, but I have recently been quashing that instinct as I’m told I can get . . . long winded.So now I will give a small update of things I find cool/of interest.

1) Yesterday was one of my best friends’ birthday (well, two days ago now). This being Carrie Bowman. She turned one quarter of a century, and was feeling very down about it. Should you know her and should you encounter her at any point, please feel free to make fun of her as much as you’d like. Tell her I said it was OK. Also, smack her ass. She likes that! 😉 (not really. You do so VERY much at your own risk. Seriously. She’s crazy . . . )

2) Today (yesterday really) was Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan of most currently-celebrated holidays, but I make an exception for this one because I get to eat a lot and see my family. This makes me happy as it is basically accepted among my family that there will be at least ONE drunk person at every party, and lately I’ve been calling first dibs. Being drunk and carrying on a conversation with not one but TWO 80+ year old grandmothers, generally about how my dating life is going, is GOOD TIMES.

3) Working on holidays really really sucks. But the pay is really really good, so I’m thinking that I will continue such acts. Especially when the scheduling permits me to still partake in the types of fun I truly enjoy (see number 2).

4) Both The Prestige and Casino Royale rock my socks. The Prestige was great because it was full of twists, had a great story line, and you can’t beat the David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. Casino Royale was great because it simply was. I wasn’t expecting much but was still blown away. By the way, Eva Green has now taken a place among my growing collection of future wives. She was fantastic as the Queen in The Kingdom of Heaven and she was similarly great as Vesper Lind here. I guess it’s the so-dark-they’re-almost-black blue eyes . . . just like Sienna Miller’s. Ahhhh. Sienna. Why must you be so crazy?

5) Over the past several months I’ve been saving a portion of every paycheck in hopes of gaining myself a PS3 when they hit the stores. I realized a few weeks ago however that this just wasn’t going to happen, so bit the bullet and bought Microsoft’s offering, the XBox360. I’ve been digging it quite a lot, especially GUN (3rd person old-west style shooter) and Gears of War (futuristic 3rd person shooter). They make me happy. Similarly I’ve been greatly enjoying previous seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Boston Legal.” Of course it goes without saying that since Neil Patrick Harris has now come out of the closet, How I Met Your Mother will almost certainly die a painful death, but what can you really do?

And now I am feeling sleepy so shall shut the hell up and let you all get back to your previously scheduled day.

You’re welcome.



  1. how i met your mother is AMAZING! i LOVE it!!!!!

    even if nph came out of the closet. he knows how to play a womanizer, so more power to him. eric mccormic player a great gay man, and he’s married and has kids.

    how i met your mother will pull through! it will triumph!

    hey ash, if you want to borrow any “history” type books, just give me a call and let me know, i’ve got too many.


  2. first: your in love with a frog!

    second: we’ve bocome absolutely addicted to “How I Met YOur Mother” since midway through season 1. We’ve got the 1st season on Netflix so we can catch up on what we missed before we discovered it. Barney is one of my heroes (“suit up!”) and the fact that NPH is gay just makes him that much more amazing. Kudos to him for being honest, and he’s still one of Brie’s favorite actors (you’ve seen Harold and Kumar where he played himself, right? Classic!)

    That is all. Hope your Thanksgiving was groovy, and you better have sent our love to your whole family

    P.S.: Stupid Open ID won’t let me use my profile. When are you going to ditch LiveJournal? It’s retarded.


  3. As soon as I can make something like WordPress work on my own server then I’m going to have to stick with LJ. Plus all sorts of people are apparently too lazy to read my blog on my own page and prefer to do so by browsing their friend’s pages . . . so what little traffic I get would probably die.

    Yes, I definitely hope NPH and How I Met Your Mother will survive. I just don’t pin my hopes on the American public too high (you DID see that AZ was the ONLY state to defeat the anti-gay marriage thing, right?). And yeah, the whole “Suit up!” or “SnowSuit up!” or “I penguin-suited up!” makes the entire show. Barney is my hero (not for the womanizing but because he has absolutely NO shame!).

    Blah. Off to work. Again. Take care and I did indeed send your love to the fam. But you still suck for not coming. In-laws shminlaws.



  4. Wow. You really don’t keep up, do you? Yeah, NPH came out of the closet several weeks ago. Ha ha. Suckers in Glesga can’t keep up! 😛

    Hope yer well and not too cold (can you BELIEVE that I’m actually missing the cold? I know. I’m sick.)!



  5. well, not having a telly or reliable internet will do that. 😉

    It’s absolutely Baltic here by the way. Of course, I’m told that this is September weather, really, and to suck it up. damn thin american blood.

    it gets dark about 4pm now.


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