OK, now I’m depressed . . .

I originally intended to write this post yesterday, but I got interrupted by life and so the moment has more or less passed, but not the feelings so invoked.The 26th of October marked a day for me. It was the one year anniversary of me moving home from Glasgow. I was struck by this at work and so wrote to the few people from Glasgow that I had the email addresses of in my GD email for one reason or another (namely Chris, Alistair, and Shona). Basically just a little note saying “Hi. Wow. It’s been a year, etc.” The one response really got me though. Shona wrote back about how boring her life has been. About how “all she’s done” is go backbacking by herself (all 90 pounds of her) in Eastern Europe, run a few marathons, started teaching undergrads, and made strides in writing her PhD.

“So Ash, how have you been? What’s been happening?”

Errrrr. Ummmmmmm. Have you ever had to account for an entire year of your life and had absolutely no idea what to say? Yeah, that sucks.

The only point of this post is that I’ve REALLY got to get myself a life! Gotta start travelling, creating, influencing, or at the very least start a damned hobby or something!

That is all. Just feeling . . . maudlin.


P.S. And to anyone from Glasgow who happens to stop by every once in a while . . . I miss you guys! I miss it all. Even the gods awful food and the worse telly. Last weekend I even found myself glued to my couch because I couldn’t stop watching the “Spooks” marathon (aka “MI-5”) that was on. Why oh why couldn’t I have just managed to make a life there? Anyway, hope you’re all well!


  1. I hear ya honey.

    Everytime I watch Firefly and hear the Space Money quote I think of you and Kirsten and that time you ruined the end of LXG for me the first time I watched it.


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