Another post in attempts to accept imperfections . . .

I guess I just need to keep trying. I’m using an email account that I
don’t often use as my primary blogging tool, since I’m actually able to
access this account from work. This makes things easier, though
blogging at work is definitely under the category of “Bad Idea,” but
see if I care. But the point is that I REALLY don’t like the narrow
word wrap thing that’s going on, but I can’t seem to find the settings
which will expand said word wrapping further . . . So blah.

I just wanted to make the totally unnecessary announcement (seeing as
none of you people probably know him) that my cousin Travis and
his wife Rosey are pregnant again. They’re having a girl and no word
yet on names, though due date is mid-February (putting child two
exactly 13 months younger than child one. Damned rabbits).

In other news I’m still awake entirely too late. WTF is wrong with me?


One comment

  1. If you figure out how to get that wordwrap thing straightened out, let me know. I don’t post from e-mail very often, but when I have (see last entry) I still haven’t figured that part out.


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