Privacy and whatnot

Those who actually have a LiveJournal membership may want to add me as a friend and view my journal from there, as I will no longer be posting my un-edited views on life, the Universe, and everything on my un-password protected website. Let’s just say that I value where I am in the world right now and I’ve discovered there are consequences for those who speak out.In an entirely “unrelated note,” there is a column called “The Vent” in the last page of the A Section of the Tribune newspaper. Yesterday’s edition had someone point out that what with the use of torture, walls being built on our borders, and no assurance of privacy; this goverment is looking a lot more like Communist Eastern Europe than the United States. I’d say that it’s not just the government which is bearing that resemblence. I’m HORRIFIED that I feel I can’t exercise my freedom of speech.

But you’ve gotta tow the line if you wanna live, I guess . . .


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