I am aware of my shortcomings . . .

I don’t blog a lot. At least not as much as some of my friends (but I won’t name names *cough* and *cough*). I feel bad about this sometimes because I know I’m certainly not any more busy than either of these two ladies . . . but then something comes along and makes me glad I don’t.Turns out that a girl I know — no need to name names, let’s just say her first name is similar to my own — was fired from a job — no need to name jobs, let’s just say it’s for a company that I am familiar with — for posting on her livejournal. Her personal livejournal. Which was set to “friends only.” And which never actually named the company that she was working for. Now I’m certainly no lawyer type, but I don’t really know if a company can legally fire someone for writing an entry which isn’t specifically defamatory (I’ve read said post, it was just venting about the job and how she doesn’t much like it, but again names no names and doesn’t mention the name of the company), and indeed they turned around and without explanation hired her back a week or so later.

SO, you will notice that this entry is locked to friends, so it won’t find itself published on AshRhodes.com. Further, I probably won’t be talking about my job pretty much at all anymore. Better to be safe than sorry when you need your job!

Take care everyone and in general I must cry out DAMN THE MAN!



  1. Yeah, I blather a lot… mostly about nothing important. And yeah, people have been Dooced (www.dooce.com) for blogging about their jobs. I’ve known one or two who have, anyhow. End result? People are hypersensitive, WAY too fast to react, and generallly suck. That said, your decision is probably wise. I think I feel safe about it in my own right because I work for a privately owned company that absolutely rocks when it comes to treating their employees like family, and I never post about (and really never know anything about) anything that’s considered confidential in any way.


  2. ….ugh…
    dumb question: Was she blogging on company time?

    Cos that’s pretty much the only reason I can think of that Said Employer could possibly get away with that.

    If not: she probably has grounds for the other favorite American pastime: SUING! weeeeeeee! 😀


  3. Funny you should ask, because that’s the exact quesiton I asked her. No, she wasn’t. In fact, LJ, MySpace, Blogger, etc are all blocked in our system.

    And I actually look forward to the day they come after me for even writing this post because my entire family of lawyers are all ready to make an unholy mess of their “perfect employer” image.

    I have no patience for those who tread on the Bill of Rights!



  4. I am currently catching up on this website you’ve sent me. Already I am sad that this girl is taken because I think I might love her. 😦

    I know and understand the lessons of others, namely that it doesn’t matter if you SHOULD be able to do a thing, you simply aren’t allowed to do it. However the stories that I’ve heard before about corporations taking over their employees’ lives and dictating all sorts of things that have nothing to do with work are things that I 110% refuse to let happen to me. I will happily become the most litigious bastard ever if they are tried.

    And it will always start with free speech for me. Rob Helsel, AP Government Teacher at Mountain View HS can and still will tell anyone who asks about my absolutely RABID views on the subject even back when I was 16 and taking his class a year before I should. I think I scared people with my vehemence . . . a fact which I am still proud of!

    OK, dismounting from soapbox. Thanks for the link and pray (or chant, or meditate, or whatever one does these days) for me and my stubborn ass.



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