Bits and pieces

First and foremost, I must announce that I have a new nephew. My sister-in-law Brianne gave birth to Zephyr Marcus Proffitt on Tuesday afternoon, the 12th of September, 2006 via C-Section. Despite being almost a month premature, he is the picture of health (if a bit small) and is utterly beautiful. Here’s a picture of him with his dad:

Aren’t they cute?

In other news, I’m still suffering greatly from the kidney stones which have yet to pass, alas. I’m still working for GD and am enjoying it more or less. More when people are buying things from me and less when they aren’t . . . like tonight! Hmmm. What else? Well, A_____ has set a date on which she is going to North Carolina to work for the Renaissance Festival. She’s taking off on October 4th, so any time after that feel free to give me a call/text to occupy me as I’ll be bored and lonely.

On a totally shallow note, I’ve discovered the HBO/BBC series “Rome”. It is absolutely FANTASTIC and I love it to tiny little gory/lewd/perverted/violent/pagan pieces. It gives real insight into how life might have been back then in a very similar vein as the other “ultra-realistic” HBO drama, “Deadwood”.

And finally, in the spirit of keeping in touch, I have recently re-installed the audio driver on my laptop and so now have a working microphone again. This means my Skype works again (OK, OK, for the first time)! Those who might want to take a chance that I’m at home can try me at username “dtarhodes”. Best of luck with that!

Take care all and speak to you soon . . .

P.S. I’ve become a domain/hosting/email/everything else reseller! The site is still very rough and will be undergoing a design change soon, but you can check it out (and buy things for pretty cheap!) at SIK For the roughly one person who will get the joke (Crank), I’ve also registered a new domain name just for fun. stands for Emotional Black Hole Of Need and was the name of the server system in the Johnston Center at UofR. I’m easily amused, but it’s good fun!

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  1. Um, come hang with us in Tucson after 10/4. has a job interview in FL 10/9 but we don’t know if he’ll take the job or not and we could be here a long, long while. If you want come keep me company while he’s away that weekend. Anyway, stay in touch and hang. Seriously. Sleep on the futon. It’s cool. We should see you soon.


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