Title (got a problem with that?)

An old friend of mine and I have been talking a bit online. She just told me something that at first just made me laugh outloud about a previous mutual aquaintance (I can never spell that word) but upon further ponderance just makes me kinda glum. No need to go into the details or anything. It’s just late, most of my friends are asleep by now, and I felt a vague need to reveal to someone that it is interesting to me what will suddenly just knock you back on your heels.

I feel a little bit like when told me that she was getting married. Just kinda one of those “Wha?” moments.



GodDamn continues. I got a promotion. I’m not sure I really deserved it, but I took it anyway. It frees me up to work at the Ren Faire in Feb/March if I so desire. Upon pondering, I’m definitely sure I didn’t deserve it and that it might end up screwing things up a bit, but this definitely gets classified under “way too damned late to do anything about it.” In other news, I have resurrected SIK Enterprises, mostly so that I can access all the pictures I had stored on it . . . and also because I’ve been doing a LOT more photography/graphic design work lately and I’d love to be able to brand my stuff. So woo hoo on that.

That’s it for now. I should really go to bed. This whole 9 hours a day, five days a week is new to me and I still don’t feel like I’ve adjusted. But hey, at least I’ll get a weekend in a few days! Woo hoo for that too!


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