Ow. Owowowowowow.

Went home early — very early — from work today. Had a little baby headache when I left the house. It was about a toddler when I dropped A_____ off at home. By the time I got to work it was about ready to go off to first grade (like my nephew, Connor, who’s first day at his new school was today!!). Then I sat down at a series of different computers with slightly malfunctioning monitors to take calls and BAM!!!! My headache skipped recess, puberty, it’s first kiss, prom, graduation, first semester of college, any number of keggers, and the inevitable “I’m taking a break from school”; and went straight to forming an overly loud band with other college drop outs who decide on a totally ridiculous and inane name like “Decomposing Monkey,” or “Death Surge,” or “TOOL” and started “playing” badly tuned rehearsals in my cranium. The pain got so intense so fast that I had to be vaguely rude to a caller, put my system on “Not Ready” and run to the bathroom where I . . . ahem . . . was ill. It was unpleasant to say the least.

So my boss sent me home. I apparently looked like crap. Good to know.

Several hours of sleep later I probably still look like crap. “Death Surge” is still set up and rocking out in my head, but it appears they’ve gone into their power ballad phase, so I guess I might be getting better.

Just thought I’d share my craptastic day.

~Ash (the not-so-Mighty).

P.S. Oh, and A____ has been sick too with a sore throat. So that might be coming too. Rock!

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