Another gradumacation

This time from training at GodDamnit. I’m now officially a phonebank slave, which is fun times. I don’t know how good I’m going to be at the sales side of things, so it’s a good thing that I can live (relatively) comfortably on my base-pay alone. Of course I’ve got to sell SOME stuff just to keep my job, but hopefully I’ll get those numbers at least.

In even more exciting news, a guy I work with used to work back in the day for Zia Records. This was WAY back in the day, as in when The Refreshments first came out. He managed to snag one of 1000 CDs ever made of their very rough debut, “Wheelie.” Most of the album was re-recorded and released as “Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy,” but it’s still a total collector’s item for dorks such as myself. I’ve in fact tried to get my hands on a copy for years now and even once bid over $200 on E-bay for a copy . . . and STILL lost to someone else. Well, this generous soul was kind enough to let me look at and read the liner notes of his copy (did you know that P.H. Naffah was not part of the original Refreshments? Me neither. Do you even know what I’m talking about? Didn’t think so), and then presented me with a burned copy of my very own. I listened to it on my way to the bar (where I drank heavily to celebrate said graduation) and on the way home from the bar (during which time I concentrated on not causing an accident nor getting arrested . . . MOSTLY joking, on that one BTW. I’m very anti-drunk driving and so would have certainly passed any sobriety test a police officer would have given me). It’s very interesting, and it’s fun to hear different (and rough is DEFINITELY the word for it) versions of the songs I know and love so well!

And finally, A_____ has chosen a rough departure date. She’ll be taking off on or around September the 21st. Much MUCH later than planned, but I’m really not complaining as it means so much more time with her. Granted such time will be limited from now on thanks to my weird work schedule (and the fact that between my two jobs I now work 7 days a week), but anything I can grab I will!
And on that note I must leave you all. I hope you’re disgustingly well and I’ll probably neglect to write you all soon!

Love and whatnot,

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