Been a while. This is for several reasons. The first one is that I’m holding down three jobs of varying time-requirements per week, but they really add up to me not being in the mood to blog that often. Plus spending a lot of time with the girlie also cuts into blogging time. Finally, I spent a really good portion of last/this week in Colorado and so was operating under a partial self-inflicted ban on the internet.

But let me tell you that Colorado ROCKED. The idea to go up was first put forward by Carrie Bowman who first visited while I was working the CO Faire in 2000. She loved it and has been bugging me to go back since. Then Smashley jumped in on the bandwagon and wanted to come along. About this time it was mentioned that my gran Gigi wanted her Jag driven back up so that she could use it this summer and a plan started forming. I would drive up with Smash early in the week and stay at Casa de Gigi in Littleton, Bowman would join us at the weekend, we’d hit the Festival, then head home. About then I invited A_____ and she was in too so at one point there were four of us going. Then Carrie’s friend got a girl pregnant and the shotgun wedding was last weekend so she dropped out. Then Smash a) didn’t have the money and b) had to go to LA to get her passport sorted for her impending international travel, so she dropped out. So then it was just A_____ and me, which I tell you was just perfectly fine with me!

The drive was relatively uneventful (compared to previous drives up there which have been known to involve speeding tickets, blow outs, being run off the road, and frantic searches for gas stations). At various times we slept, watched movies, visited my old/best friend Meggan in CO Springs, slept, watched movies, watched the rain, slept, visited the festival, watched movies, slept, visited my old boss/mentor Kristan in South Denver, watched movies. It was grand. It was just what I needed except shorter!

So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I hope everyone else has been having a grand old time and I promise to pretend to intend to blog more now that I’m back in town and “more energized.”


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