What. The. HELL. Is. Wrong. With. These. “People”?!?!?!

Mesa, Arizona is one of three of the biggest forty cities in the United States which doesn’t have a property tax. One of the others is Las Vegas, NV which will never need additional funds as long as gambling is still legal. The other is some crappy town in Texas. We are in rather desperate need of funds, to the point where we were in danger of closing both of our museums and reducing the hours of the main library so that it is only open a few days a week. So, there was a bill to create a property tax. It wasn’t all that onerous. Only about 100 bucks a year for most homes. And for that money we would have kept these public things open, been able to fund more firefighters and police, and even been able to repair some of our notoriously bad city streets.

Well, consider the museums closed. Consider the library hours shortened, and the police and firefighters can stay home. The motion failed in yesterday’s election by a margin of 2 to 3 (40% for 60% against). The most common reason given for voting against in exit polling? “Because the city already mismanages their funds. If they really need the money so badly why did they sink $100 million in building an arts center?” WAKE UP YOU FUCKING MORONS! The Mesa Arts Center was built 100% without the use of city funds, you fuckwits! And the money we owe so badly which is forcing the budget cuts? We’ve owed it for over 20 years and the bill is just coming due! It’s no one’s fault who even still lives in Mesa! So you’ve decided to “teach the city council a lesson?” What, by ensuring that YOU can’t enjoy a safe city?

“Well why does Mesa need to keep growing anyway? Keep it the size it is!” (actual quote from the newspaper). Are you kidding me? Do you think this will stop people from moving into the city? NO! And you better hope it doesn’t anyway because then that precious property value that you are so fucking proud of is going to go right into the toilet. Hell it’s going to eventually anyway because really who wants to live in a city with no museums and a library which is only open three days a week?

My aunt has already asked if I want to sell her house for her. I said I would if she’d take me with her. I absolutely adore Mesa and have missed it since I’ve been gone, but seriously. This is just so ridiculous that I’ve been seeing red ever since I found out last night.

What is wrong with people?


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