What a crap day.

First off I missed the Partner’s Meeting for Keller Williams this morning. The reason? Because I wasn’t told that it was happening. JoAnn claims she sent out an e-mail blast, but seeing as how I’m 110% sure I didn’t get it I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault. Nonetheless I was chewed out for it. By five different people. Literally. Adding insult to injury is the fact that at no previous meeting have I ever been mentioned, and yet at this one my name was brought up TWICE, once to point out that I would be one of a few guinea pigs in our office working with a new web technology (talked vaguely about at my normal webpage: AshRhodes.com) and once to acknowledge that I’ve been working my ass off as a technology/education guru for little thanks and no pay. And I wasn’t even there for it.

On top of that, the whole reason I came into the office today was to go with a female agent to a sign-call appointment to help reduce the risk of rape/kidnap/murder (for her, that is), and yet the appointment was cancelled at a moment’s notice by the potential buyer saying he “needs to postpone” without of course specifying if he meant later in the day, later in the week, or later in the month. So that was a waste of shower gel. I was then chewed out AGAIN because I didn’t get an e-mail about ANOTHER meeting that at that point I was late for but could still attend. I went, and it was about that same technology that I mentioned before. During the course of this meeting I became splattered somehow with blue sharpie, totally ruining my favourite dress shirt and even managing to make it look like I had kissed someone wearing blue lipstick. I got mad skillz, yo.

Then of course came the not-being-able-to-find a gas station that would take the gas card that I had, then the being-so-desperate-for-gas-that-I-stopped-at-ARCO-and-paid-$50-instead, all of which were fun.

And THEN, I stopped to pick up A_____ when she got off work . . .

. . . and all that crap became just entirely OK the moment I saw her.

Yeah. I’m so screwed.


One comment

  1. Nonetheless I was chewed out for it. By five different people. Literally.

    mmmmmyeah Peter? About those TPS reports…


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