Ah, sweet familiar work . . .

So the whole Real Estate thing is what I’d desperately prefer to keep doing, but right now it is just NOT bringing in the money I need, you know? And by “money I need” what I really mean is “any money whatsoever.”

SO, I decided a few weeks ago to go back into the only business that I KNOW I can do well . . . Door Stewarding. I applied at a few places but didn’t hear anything and then on a lark applied at a bar in Tempe near where A______ works and was immediately hired on with great — almost embarrassing — levels of gratitude! So my first shift was last night, and I’m certain I don’t need to tell you all that the differences between it and Jinty’s were . . . striking . . . to say the least. It’s a nice place though, and despite the fact that a lot of my brethren are a little on the small side for this line of work AND there’s not a female on the door staff, I think I’m going to really enjoy the job . . . assuming of course that I can get used to standing for 6 hours at a time again!

Well this is me blogging from my phone again while waiting for food, and I think it’s about to come, so I’ll say good bye. Wish me luck for day number two!


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