Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

I know that it’d be a pretty typical thing for me to wish Happy Birthday to someone like Lolly Foy or John who play the king and queen out at the Renaissance Festival, but in this case I really do mean the Queen, Elizabeth II Regina. Today she turned 80. I know that of the entire population of Scotland the number of supporters of the Crown are probably limited to those who are in fact English, but I was still rather fond of them. If nothing else I liked to engage in the age-old game of commoners everywhere and imagine what it must have been like growing up knowing that you’re different from everyone else . . . and not in a bad way for once!

Anyway. So I thought that was kinda cool. Nothing much going on in my neck of the woods. I seem to live a rather boring life, as it turns out. I spend most of my days “doing work” (ie; surfing the net, avoiding doing work) and then whenever I can I try to spend my evenings with a pretty young lady by the name of A____. Yes, I’ve been reading too much Poe and the like. But A____ she’ll remain for the time being (in the interest of not further-jinxing an already-doomed relationship, that is. And yes, she’s the same girlie I took to Tombstone, Much Ado and whatnot. We had a blast on all counts, btw). Anyway, the point is that I think that means that I’ve officially joined the “working stiff world.” Work, play, work, play. Repeat until retirement and/or death. Hmmmm. It’s strange, that’s for damned sure.

Of course success in my chosen profession still eludes me. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was more than a little discouraged, but I’m not about to give it up yet. It’s the closest thing I’ve got to an actual career possibility so I’m not going to abandon it just because it’s not rendering up instant success. I am however going to seek a job in my previous pugilistic profession (yay alliteration!) and find a part time Door Steward job somewhere. I’m also earning a bit of spending cash by doing design work for SSC. We’ll have to see how that goes.

That’s a lot of writing for some poor sap to have to read, so I’ll take my leave. I hope you’re all just horribly well and I’ll speak to you soon I hope. Maybe by the time I write back something interesting will actually have happened!


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