Been a while, so I thought I’d let everyone know that I am indeed alive and well . . . er . . . well, at least I’m alive!

So business. Business is still going and I’m drumming up a bit more interest, though none of it has translated itself into any success as yet. I went on a listing presentation last week but my competition promised all sorts of things that I couldn’t (up to and including a commission cut AS WELL AS a promise to have their house professionally cleaned and landscaped) so the sellers went with the other guy instead. I can’t really blame them, but I hope they realize that under those conditions the realtor is almost certainly passing the commission discount on to the buyer’s broker meaning no one is going to be lining up to bring their clients to see the property.

Anyway. Moving on. I’m surviving happily with Faire being over, though even with (or perhaps because of) my abreviated run I still find myself really missing being out there every weekend among friends new and old. I also miss the flirting games, though those have continued to one extent or another since the end of the run. I have been spending a lot of time with one young lady in particular and I’m really digging her. I really know how to pick ’em though. She’s moving across the country in a few months. So that’ll be fun. With my track record in mind, I’ll probably fall for her totally and completely about two weeks before she leaves. I got mad skillz, yo. Speaking of her though, we’re going to be going to see SSC’s production of “Much Ado About Nothing” on Friday night — and those who’ve not seen it absolutely should! I caught Sunday’s matinee and laughed until my sides hurt! After that we’re leaving Saturday morning to drive down to Tombstone to be tourists. She’s never been and I’d like to get some pictures of the Rose Tree. I know, I know. Rather gauche to be bringing a date to the site of your wedding, but whatever. It’s entirely too beautiful a place to not share with others!

Other news. Other news. Hmmmmm. Well, we’ve got Easter celebration as usual at my folks’ house. The last number for attendance that I heard was somewhere around 35. By no means the most we’ve ever had come to our little soiree, but not the least either! Geez. That’s about all I can think of for the moment, actually. I think I need some sleep. OK, OK, some more sleep!

Take care everyone.

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