My Perfect Woman . . .

. . . is apparently named Delta Goodrem. She’s also apparently the 98th Sexiest Woman in the world for 2004, according to FHM. Sweet personality? Dunno. Nice to animals? Haven’t a clue. Good all around person? Who cares? Just look at her!

Oh, and my very good friend Young Nik looks just like Miss Charlotte Church (but with blue-er eyes), this year’s number 15. Alas, she too is taken (Nik that is. I don’t know or care if Charlotte Church is taken. I’m done with those opera singer types)!

May I also say once again, that insomnia really sucks.


“I can’t forget I am my sole architect
I built the shadows here
I built the growlin’ voice I fear.
You add it up, but to do better than that
You got to follow me
Boy I’m trying to show you where I’m at.”
~Poe – “Hey Pretty”

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