Luck of the Irish my butt.

I’m vaguely tempted to rant and rave about how much I hate the Irish because of the stupid holiday that they are responsible for. However, I really, really don’t hate the Irish at all, and the holiday probably isn’t their fault. In my experience, the world is just going to jump all over any chance to literally soak themselves in alcohol, be they Irish or Japanese. At least in Scotland they don’t try to foist green beer on anyone.

Seriously though, Thursday was miserable. 12.5 hours at work, during which time I got to sit down once for about 10 minutes. You know all those stories I used to tell about the bad things that happen at work? Well pretty much all of them happened again two days ago. At least I didn’t get knifed on the way home. That said, it still had its moments. Most of those moments were at the end of the night when I got to, with great pleasure, heave each and every patron out on their respective arses, but still! In all seriousness, having my boss come up to me and go on and on about how many compliments she had on her staff really did make the whole night worthwhile. The fact that no one got too badly hurt was just an added bonus (the worst casualty was glass-collector Chris cutting himself pretty badly on a broken glass. It was funny watching the med student getting bandaged up by the student teacher [Joanne]).

I was actually very honoured two weeks ago when Jinty asked me to bring my camera to work on Thursday. She said she wanted the fun and games to be captured. I did as I was told and emptied out a pocket in my parka and kept my SLR close at hand. The results can be seen here. Notice, if you will, the appropriately green background!

I know I complain a lot, and in my defense this day deserved it. But I also had a lot of fun with the rest of the staff and a lot of the patrons. I hope they had a good time too, depite the fact that they constantly had me trying to get them to behave! I’ve gotta say that I’m glad I won’t be around for next year!


“There’s some takes delight in the carriages a rolling,
Some takes delight in the hurley or the bowlin’.
But I takes delight in the juice of the barley,
And courting pretty fair maids in the morning bright and early.”
~The Dubliners with The Pogues – “Whiskey in the Jar”

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