Not five minutes ago my Mom startled the hell out of me.Apparently she has actual insight into my character.

This isn’t surprising per se, but the subject was. She said that I need to stop going after women who are in need of “fixing.” This statement rendered me totally and utterly speechless. I finally just said “Damn. I forget sometimes how well you know me.”

And the fucked up bit is that she’s right. 100%. That’s totally what I do. And it’s totally what I need to stop doing.

Now I just need to find someone that isn’t broken in the first place.

Weird how Mom’s can sometimes surprise you like that.



  1. Yeah, laugh it up, fuzzball. Some day a random person might say something insightful about YOU and then where will you be, huh? I’ll tell you where. Canada! That’s right. Canada. Canada is hell for people like you and me.

    Silly Canadians.

    I’ve really got to stop mainlining pixie stix for breakfast.



  2. Everyone is broken somewhere. It’s just a matter of where and how much, and whether they and you can live with it.


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