This weekend I’m going to be sleeping out at the site because the Morris dancers are having a great big party, the theme of which is literally alcohol. Granted the alcohol is ale, but I’ve been given permission to bring my own vodka so it’s all good.Of further interest is the fact that I am no longer working only on Saturday this weekend because the Carrie Bowman is taking time out of her ever so busy schedule and is coming out to work as a guest participant at the Royal Court. This means that we will not, in fact, work in the slightest (a good thing, since I will undoubtedly be hung over), but instead will wander around and spawn all sorts of rumours because that’s all that Rennies do. They gossip, and then they do things worthy of gossip. Hey, when you live in a tent there’s only so much to keep one occupied.

In other news, my little metallic project from the MAC is almost done and pictures will be posted online soon. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s not surprising. I’m a secretive little monkey and enjoy making others guess as to my nefarious dealings.

I’m now killing time because I’m bored. If you’re still reading this I feel sorry for you and highly suggest you get a hobby on the double!

Take care.

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  1. Instead of no picture yet for Carly, how about no picture wanted/needed/necessary. We all know what the evil looks like. Unless you want to use the picture of the wicked witch of the west. Just a thought. tee hee. 😉


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