Let he who is without blame . . .

Man, I just keep being forced to eat my own words. Next thing you know I’m going to actually turn into a conservative pro-war Republican or something.

First I gave nothing but crap to those who post on LiveJournal, and now here I am using it as the engine that powers my personal website. Then I scoffed at the dorks who spend all day long playing MMPRPGs and what do I do but get (very briefly) addicted to World of Warcrack. Now I find myself once again looking for a steaming piece of humble pie as I confess that I’ve built a profile on MySpace.

It’s pretty cool, just in that unlike LJ, I’ve been actually able to find more than a handful of people who I know. Actually, I’m mostly using it as a voyeuristic tool to see what I can see about all sorts of friends (and in one case, ex-girlfriend) who have become absent from my life. After looking about and observing, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

1) I really am the only person I went to highschool with who isn’t married and/or child-laden (which is surprisingly depressing).
2) Some people turned into just as big a dorks as their previous years suggested they might (I’m thinking specifically of one guy . . . who’s photo made me laugh for at least five minutes).
3) Ashley turned hot after college. And bisexual. Damn. What a shame.

So, to sum up, I should stop making fun of people in general because I am almost certainly going to become one of them at some point. I should be happy that despite still maintaining a certain level of goofiness, I at least don’t have a picture of myself holding a skull-topped staff of some sort. I should definitely not have burned all my bridges with Ashley because seeing her naked again would have been nice. And finally, I am never going to find a girl my age who doesn’t have a kid and/or husband. Vaguely frightening.

And that, as they say, is that.



  1. Holy shit. She was hot then though too. Just needed to loose the baby fat. I’d hit that. And I’m not even bi.


  2. I was indeed. As I mentioned in the only blog post on MySpace, according to the statistic that I just now made up, over 99.8% of the people who graduated from my year have kids and/or are married. The exceptions being of course me and the dude with the skull-on-top-of-the-cane (ironically enough, he had a thing for C as well!).

    Good seeing you out a Faire. Sorry I was so . . . tongue tied. I is not a morning person!

    Talk to you soon,


  3. That’s okay. I, er… learned to fake it in college. I’m not a morning person, either, but I do a decent impression of one.

    Eventually my schedule will settle down some and I’ll call you for that coffee. 😀


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