THAT was quick.

CNN is carrying the story that I first read on the front page of the East Valley Tribune. In it we discover that South Dakota legislators have already thrown down the legal gaunlet which will inevitably lead to the Supreme Court revisiting Roe v. Wade.

I remember doomsayers pronouncing that Bush getting the chance to nominate not one but two Supreme Court Justices meant very real trouble for the right to choose in this country.

Looks like they might have been right.

And to head off as much controversy as possible, I know I’m not a woman. I’ll never have to make that choice myself and so can’t really talk about this. But I don’t believe that other males (or anyone of any gender for that matter) should have the right to take away this kind of choice either . . . especially since this lovely piece of legislation does NOT allow for abortions in cases of rape and incest (and to my British readers, I feel I should inform you that in America rapists with good enough lawyers have legal rights of access to any children born of such an act).

OK, enough preaching. Just vaguely sad about all of this hooplah.

Au revioir.

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