Sonofabitch — parte the seconde

So do I look lighter? Like maybe about two thousand bucks or so? Let’s just say that I might as well have not bothered with buying and installing a new harddrive when my laptop was attacked by a suicidal duck. A problem which started in Glasgow (and which, in fairness, I was warned would eventually get worse) has finally taken it’s toll. My power cord, which for some unknown reason that I don’t follow is different from all American powercords, has stopped charging my laptop. I’ve tried ordering replacements on multiple occassions, but I’ve heard the phrase “the manufacturer is backordered and is unsure of when they’ll have more” a whole more than I’d like to.

So I finally gave up and submitted to the inevitable and went to buy a new computer. This one happens to be a tiny little Fujitsu LifeBook S6000 Series. I more or less like it so far, though like all things there are little bits which annoy me. You know, Chris Bowles is my hero because he’s still typing on an ancient laptop he got from his Mom when he graduated from college in like ’98. I however can’t keep a computer running much beyond 2 and a half years! Hopefully this one will last longer because I intend to build/buy myself a nice desktop as soon as time/funds allow, thus hopefully mitigating the amount of abuse I put this machine through.

So that’s what I’m doing for my Friday night. Trying to find the various programs that I usually have and reinstalling them . . . sans whatever trojans or what have you which caused such slowdown on my previous laptop, preferably. Aren’t I just a barrel full of laughs?

I hope everyone is well out there. I feel like I’ve not been in contact with others as much as I should be and I’m sorry if you’re one of the many who have been ignored by me, I do apologize!

Take care, all of you.

P.S. In other news, my swanky new business-cards-with-my-picture have arrived. They’re pretty cool, though I’m still a little weirded out about the implied level of vanity required to hand out pictures of yourself to everyone. There’s no copy online thusfar, but if you wanna check out the very talented photographer/graphic designer who did the work for me, you can click here.

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  1. Chris’ computer died on the last weekend before he submitted his thesis. He ended up needing mine for a bit. That said, the appropriate sacrifices were made, the demons appeased, and the ressurection spells cast, and to my knowledge his computer is up and running again.

    Congrats on the business cards. It’s almost like you’re a grown up now!


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