Gotta love those wastes of time!

. . . like, say, hosting open houses perhaps? I sit before you all currently in a vacant house in Gilbert, writing an update to my blog because I have sweet F.A. else to do with my time! There sure as hell isn’t anyone else here, after all!

I can’t really blame anyone but myself though. Had I been more on the ball I would have advertised and marketed this thing and might have some people showing up. Alas I didn’t find out I’d be doing this until Friday, so as a result I didn’t exactly have time to do all I should have.

Anyway. So yesterday I had an interesting experience. A____’s younger brother is just about to ship out to boot camp for the Marines, and they had a picnic for the families of such soldiers-to-be, and I was invited along. I’m torn to be honest. On one level, this young man is about to be given intensive training for a successful career if he wants it (and will be paid for the privilege) and I’m a bit jealous of the options this gives him (though part of that may just be my jealousy of him being 17 with so many options open to him in general). But by the same token, I’m just disgusted by some of the attitudes of the drill instructors who were there. Frequently mentioned in a “ha-ha-just-kidding-but-not-really” manner was the fact that these kids are about to be utterly brainwashed by their training into believing that the Marines is the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Also lingered over with relish was the fact that the kids were noe the sole property of the United States government. All in all it was just ever so ghoulish. What was even scarier though was the fact that most of these parents obviously didn’t have a clue as to what was going on and what the kids were in for. One mom even asked if she would be allowed to reclaim her son if he decided he didn’t like it! Scary!

Wow. Just had a young couple come in! Holy crap! I guess the day has officially not been a 100% waste of time after all!

OK. I think I’m bored with this now. hope everyone out there is doing just great . . . Oh, and do me a favour and wish me luck with A_____. Things are absolutely great with her and all . . . I just hope I don’t manage to screw things up as per usual!

Later on.

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