Power cords, Rennies, Babies, Cousins, and me feeling OLD

In no particular order:

The power cord on my laptop is pissing me off and won’t reliably maintain a flow of electricity to my machine. This means that every time I turn it on might be one of the last. No replacement is apparently available despite me paying for multiple such right before getting a “notice” that the company is out of stock and will continue to be for the forseeable future.

My cousin-of-some-removed-nature-or-another continues to be devastatingly cute and pictures WILL follow at some point. Along similar lines, all the right people have been told by now so I can reveal that my sister-in-law, Brianne, is pregnant again! I think baby will be due some time in October, but don’t quote me.

Also in cousin news, my cousin Adam Reich safely returned from Iraq on Sunday. He was deployed a grand total of almost 18 months (during which time he was injured twice resulting in hearing loss in the same ear), meaning that Uncle Sam can only legally take him into active duty for another six months, meaning (knock on wood) that he shouldn’t actually be deployed again. Everyone is just so thrilled to see him back and safe!

And finally, I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival for the first time in a few years today. Most of you know that I spent my highschool and most of my college Februaries and Marches in the middle of the Arizona desert pandering to the easily-fleeced. Well today I joined their number and paid for admission. I’ve missed it SO bloody much! It’s remarkable the number of people that I knew and the number of people who not only recognized me, but new me by name! Heartwarming, you could even say. I actually agreed to go out and help out for student days . . . what good is a flexible schedule if you can’t flex it every once in a while? Besides, something like 75% of my happy memories of my 16th through 22nd year revolve around being out there in the dust and sun. My favourite smell is still “Faire,” after all (a combination of dust, sweat, leather, sunscreen, and rose oil)!

It did make me feel old though. The girl who played the princess for years and will always be 11 for me is now a squire out at the Joust Crew. She’s like 17 now. This makes for an old-feeling Ash. 😦

That’s all. Sleep.


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